Monday, May 9, 2011

A Statement of Intent (and Self-Justification)

Hello, I'm Jeremy. I live in Australia and, amongst other things, make movies.

So what am I doing starting a blog?

I've been known, amongst my acquaintances, to decry the practice of people making websites about themselves, especially blogs. Once upon a time, I often pontificate, these were called diaries, and people put locks on them to stop strangers reading them. Websites are for people with careers in public industries like politics and the media.

Well, I turned around the other day and realised I had a career in the media.

So why a blog?

Mainly because I enjoy writing, and it's a good excuse to do so, without the bother of creating interesting characters or situations to write about.

So, what I will be writing about here:
- My work, both shameless plugs and behind the scenes insights (I use that term as loosely as possible).
- The industries I work in (music and film).

What I will be avoiding like a Uwe Boll picture:
- Everything else.
- Particularly politics (unless it crosses over with my work).
- My non-professional life (includes dating and derivations therefrom).

So let me wind back slightly and justify that earlier statement from the up the page that I have a career in the media.

I finished high school on a Friday in 2007, and the next Monday I started editing my first television commercial campaign, for US country singer Gary Allan's 2008 Australian concert tour. I look back on it now and some aspects (the font choices in particular) are a bit embarrassing to me, but it was of a good enough standard to broadcast. I would call that the start of my career.

In the intervening years, I've cut numerous TVC campaigns for artists including Taylor SwiftTommy EmmanuelDe La Soul and Joe Nichols. At least one of those names should be familiar to you. This is probably my speciality, and I've got pretty good at them. Here's the latest one:

My vocational goal has never been to edit TV commercials. I always intended to move into Music Videos and I got my chance when Catherine Britt, impressed by a short film I'd made called Damaged Goods, hired me to cut a clip for her for a song called Not Your Cinderella. Thanks to Catherine's largesse I was now a music video director. Since then, I've shot clips for Buddy Goode, Mark Wells and Peter McWhirter (twice) and one for the soundtrack of my feature film Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Cauldron of Penguins.

If I'm known at all, it's for that. BSATCOP, as it's become known among the faithful, is about ass-backwards as a film gets. It's based on a title (strike one) that was spun off from a throwaway gag in a movie review (strike two and three). I wrote, directed, produced and edited the thing in 2010 and released it in 2011. Stephen Fry is in it, so the apex of my career has been reached…

So, there's me bonafides. Stay tuned and hopefully we can have some fun here.

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